What are Russian Tea Cookies called in other Countries

All you need to know about fabulous Russian Tea Cakes:

Russian Tea Cakes are a special kind of cakes which have been in existence for quite a long time now. These cannot be called ‘pure’ cakes as they resemble sugar cookies to a huge extent. This is the main reason for it being referred as cookies sometimes. Since their invention, these sweet cookies have become extremely popular all over the world. But in spite of its extreme popularity and use, majority of the people are still not aware of the rich history of this confectionary item. They have no idea of the history of the Russian tea cakes. If you are one of these people, then do not worry. The information given in this article will definitely help you to know more about the Russian tea cakes. Hopefully after reading the content of this article completely, you will get good knowledge of the history of these delicious cakes, its evolution and other related things.

The Journey across the Globe:

Research studies conducted by eminent food researchers reveal that the Russian tea cakes were discovered for the first time in Russia itself, unlike many other food items that have confusing names and history. It was in the 18th century that the cakes were used in a tea sharing ceremony. The tea sharing ceremony was attended by the Russian officials and several other delegates. The cakes were served with tea. The officials present at the ceremony found this to be unique and fantastic combination. Hence, the name Russian tea cake was given to it considering the fact that these cakes were best to eat with tea.

However, there is one more report about the history of these Russian tea cakes. According to this report, much of the credit for the invention of the Russian tea cakes also goes to the Moors. The Moors were the group of medieval Muslim people of Maghreb, Iberia Peninsula, Sicily and Malta. These people invaded several regions. During their invasion of Spain in the 8th century, these people of Muslim community Moors made this sugar item with the help of sugarcane and other ingredients.

After its discovery in Spain, these tea cakes became a lot more popular in other areas as well. Its popularity spread in the regions of North America, Mexico and in South America. The inhabitants of these regions made these tea cakes in their own style of cooking and gave it different names. This ultimately led to the evolution of the Russian tea cakes.

Evolution of Russian Tea Cakes:

The Russian tea cakes have evolved tremendously of late. They have become a regular feature at some of the places and have their own special significance. The Russian tea cakes have spread considerably in many other countries like the United States of America, Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia, etc. This has led to the rapid evolution of this tasty food item. Earlier the cakes used to come in just a single variety but now due its rapid evolution with time, different new interesting varieties have come up. These cookies are known differently in various regions depending on its variety and use.

United States Snowballs and Russian Tea Cookies:

In the United States of America, these cakes are called as the Mexican wedding cakes. Major ingredients of the tea cakes include flour, butter, nuts, sugar and other items like flavoring agents and colors. The name Mexican wedding cake has been given because of the widespread use of the cakes mostly during the traditional wedding functions and parties in Mexico. It is an easy to make bakery item which is perfect for use in the form of deserts at the wedding functions and other ceremonies. The people are unable to resist the temptation of these so called Mexican wedding cakes and enjoy eating it. They love relishing the taste and flavors of this sugar baked confectionary item. It is available in the market at all the leading confectionaries easily. You can get it from the shops present in your region.

The demands of this bakery product increases at an all -time high especially during the Christmas time of the year. It is delicious sweet to have at special festive occasions like Christmas. People have a great time enjoying the sweet with their family and friends.

Mexican Wedding Cookies and Bisochitos:

Mexico is another country where the Russian tea cakes are a huge hit among the local inhabitants. Here, these tea cakes are called as Bisochitos. Although they have a different name but the method of cooking is the same. They are cooked and baked using the usual ingredients like flour, nuts, etc. Certain Mexican ingredients are also added to it. The ingredients are mixed with each other and rolled in specific shapes. After this, they are coated or rolled in sugar.

The Russian tea cake is regularly used during the various festive occasions. People celebrate the moment and distribute it in the form of sweets to each other. These Russian cakes are commonly found at the desert bars, buffet and other places. The difference between the traditional Russian tea cakes and the Mexican Bisochitos arises in terms of their shape. They appear in two different shapes. These are the ball shaped and crescent shaped cakes.

Australian Melting Moments:

In Australia, the Russian tea cakes are known by the name ‘Melting moments’. It is consumed on a large scale by the people and frequently used during snacks time with tea. During consumption the cake starts to melt out in the mouth quickly. It begins to disintegrate into its constituents one by one. The taste and flavor of the ingredients starts to come out and this produces an absolute delight in the mouth of the person. The people enjoy the melting effect of these cakes to a great extent. There are many bakeries which specialize in different type of Russian tea cakes. All in all it’s a treat to eat these cakes.

Italian and Spanish Polvornes:

In Italy and Spain as well the Russian tea cakes are the first choice of the majority of the people when it comes to deserts. These sweet buttery balls are called as Polvornes. In some regions of Italy, they are known as the Italian wedding recipe. The tea cakes in these countries are a combination of the original constituent and several new constituents. It adds a new variation to the sweet item and makes it a delight.

Swedish Tea Cakes and Finnish Butter Strips:

Besides these countries, there are many other countries where the Russian tea cakes are known with different names. They are called Swedish tea cakes in Sweden. In Finland, the tea cakes are referred as Finnish butter strips as they are made from butter and other ingredients. Therefore, the tea cakes are the same as the Russian tea cakes. Only the name and slight composition is different in various places and regions. This is how the Russian tea cakes evolved with the passage of time from the 18th century to the 20th century.

What does your family call them?

Overall, the Russian tea cake is a great cookie to eat. Different people have their own style and taste of consuming it. Some of the people eat this cookie with tea and the others like to consume it without tea. It depends on your personal taste and choice. You can consume it in the way you want.

If you still haven’t had the opportunity to taste this yummy cookie then act quickly. Look for the confectionaries in the nearby area and see whether the Russian tea cakes are available or not. You will find them easily because it is in demand most of the time during the year.

On eating it for the first time, you will surely be left amazed and mesmerized by its quality taste. You will not be able to resist eating these delicious sugar cakes. After eating it once, the people get addicted to these tea cakes and consume it again and again. Super taste and awesome flavors make the Russian tea cakes an impressive food item.