How to prepare Tea


Tea preparation:

Tea leaves and boiled water do not necessarily prepare awesome tea. In Russia style tea is made using tea bags known as the postman’s tea because it is available in envelopes. This tea creates a magical flavor of cellulose.

Preparation of Russian tea in a two step process- first step is to make the tea concentrate zavarka and the next step is mixing it with hot boiled water. When you make Russian tea it is important to have enough amount of kipyatok with you. Kipyatok is nothing but the water used in the procedure of making tea. It is very important that when you prepare zavarka you put accurate quality of tea leaves into the pot. Once your zavarka is ready, pour kipyatok into the same pot and wait until the leaves settled down.

How to make tea:

I will help you in making a cup of Russian tea to say good morning to your husband. Take some amount of zavarka into a beautiful cup and dilute it with kipyatok. The color of the tea will be just like fine chestnut. Wake your husband up with a cup of Russian tea in your hand. Make his day refreshing and energetic with delightful tea.

People use ingredients to prepare Russian tea according to their choice. The most common ingredients are utensils, water, tea leaves, surprise additions. Be very careful while using water to make tea because poor quality water can completely spoil the taste of your cup of tea.

Don’t use cheap quality tea leave rather use good quality leaves to taste the actual taste and aroma of Russian tea? People use different ingredients for sweetness of the tea, such as honey, sugar, jam etc. There are few people who want to have the alcoholic touch in tea cup, so they use vodka, rum, beer etc.