How to store your Tea for maximum freshness

If you have loose tea which has been stored in a proper manner, it will be able to retain its freshness for several months, often even longer. If your teas has not been stored in the correct manner it will immediately lose its flavor and aroma very quickly. Here are some of the ways with the help of which you can easily store your loose tea:

Store loose tea in a dry environment:

The loose tea which you have just bought should be kept away from excess moisture. Humidity and dampness will in a way reduce the tea’s lifespan. These two factors can even cause mold to form.
Vacuum seal your loose tea for longer shelf life: On storing your loose tea in sealed pouches, you should ensure that there is less of air as possible when you close the pouch. If you own a vacuum sealer, it will be best for you to vacuum-seal the foil bags of the tea as in this way they will have the longest shelf life.

What containers to use for storing tea:

One other enemy of tea is air. This is because the air flow which is around your stored loose tea leaves will enhance the chances for them to absorb the unpleasant odors from the air. You should never leave your dry leaves lying outside, or for that matter in packages with lots of air inside the bag. You should also remember not to store your loose tea leaves in any sort of a porous material like a re-sealable container or zipper package.

A very good method of storing your loose tea leaves is to store them in an opaque container. You should take the necessary precautions to ensure that the container is food safe and that it does not contain any impurities which are already in the container. Some of the excellent containers for storing your loose tea leaves are non-reactive metals, glazed ceramics, and plastic containers as these containers will in a way not absorb flavors or smells. You can also store your loose tea leaves in paper or a light cardboard box, a tea caddy and even in an airtight container.

Ways to store loose leaf tea:

1) Your tea container should be stored away from strong-tasting foods and spices in a cool, dark place or cupboard.

2) Never store different varieties of tea together. Store each variety of tea separately in its own container.

3) By following these simple storage tips for loose tea, you will be able to enjoy its aroma and freshness for a long time.