Making tea with a Russian Samavar

What is a Samavar:

Russian Samovars are metal containers used in Eastern Europe for preparing tea. Samovars are basically teapots or kettles beautifully designed and fashioned with gold and silver. Some of the age old antique #samovars are priceless possessions possessed by people of Russia. Russian samovars are typically used as tea kettles and therefore have a ring shaped attachment to hold the tea pots for easy boiling and serving. They come in cylinder, barrel, urn, or sphere shapes. Samovars is a traditional and beautiful way of serving tea to your guests. Samovars are designed in antique styles by skilful craftsman.

How are Samavars heated:

In earlier days it was heated using coal or charcoal but nowadays electric samovars are also available in the market making the process simpler for you. But there has not been much change in the design of the samovars since its introduction. The design still remains quite similar to the one it was centuries back. Each and every samovar is made beautifully using expensive metals. Russians prepare tea in glorified samovars using all the herbs and spices giving it a rich taste.

Samovars have a tube like structure in the centre to add and ignite charcoal or coal. The tube has a chimney at its top to allow good air flow. The area around the tube like structure is filled with water for heating. The water gets heated due to the heat generated by ignited coal or charcoal. Some Russians also use pine cones instead of coal or charcoal. The Russian samovar consists of a spigot at its base to draw heated water and refill the teapot. The samovar also has a small teapot on top of the samovar at one side of the chimney to place tea leaves keeping the samovar warm.

Making Tea using a Samavar:

Using Russian samovars for making tea is an easy process. It prepares very tasteful teal loved by #Russians. Tea has always been a popular drink among Russians and they enjoy the drink more when made in samovars. Samovars are not only used to prepare tasteful tea but is also used as a royal centre piece for decoration purposes adding beauty to your house. Though introduced around 3600 years back, Russian Samovars are still very popular and widely used by people in different parts of the world. They are still collectible and loved by people for having tea not only in Russia but in parts of Europe, Iraq and central Asia.