Comparing European and Russian Tea Culture

Tea like alkaloid caffeine is an essential for sustaining an active mind especially while working in the night session. A good quality tea stimulates cathartic sensation and warms your body and soul anytime, even if you drink it for the very first time.

This is the wonderful magical spell that tea casts onto us. Different societies have invented their own excellent style of making delightful tea.

Each European region has their own delicious way of preparing tea. It is an art to make delicious beverage which comes with a lasting taste that can enthrall your senses. While Asian teas are popular across the world, the Europe tea culture is little different and unique. It is not only unique on consumption but it is unique in all aspects, like making, serving and consuming.

Tea culture of Czech Republic:

Tea culture in Czech Republic has been developed from many centuries. In Czech Republic the surroundings of tea room is in top list topic now a day because they have changed a lot in their style from traditional British style tea rooms. The tea room in Czech Republic offers wide diversity of tea under one roof. If you have experience a tea party in Czech Republic’s exclusive tea room then you must be knowing it that here you will find almost eighty different flavors of tea from various countries. The most important fact about these tea rooms is that they have developed their own trend of making different cocktails of different teas with various mode of serving them.

Tea culture of France:

France is well known for its various types of coffee and afternoon tea habits. It expresses the tea culture of France. Black tea is the popular beverage in France. Apart from black tea citizens of France are also habituate to consume green tea and Asian tea. Afternoon tea in France is generally consumed with milk, sugar and lemon. When drinking tea in France culture pastry is always complimentary with it. The important fact about these pastries is that these are of non-sweet variety.

Tea culture of Germany:

The tea culture in Germany is quite famous in eastern region of the country. The tea traditions are very strong in the eastern region of the country. The tea culture is so famous in eastern part of the country that people use to drink it almost all hours in 24 hours. The interesting tea of German culture has three levels in it. The lower level of the tea contains sugar cubes that will melt gradually. The middle level consists of tea itself and the top most level will be the creamy delicious layer. Tea cookies are the traditional way of serving tea during weekdays, whereas on weekends it switches on to tea cakes. It is good to have German tea for good health. German tea will help you in curing headache, stress and upset stomach as well.

Tea Culture of Russia:

Russia has its own tea culture to follow. A very fascinating method to serve Russian tea includes a costly tea glass made up of silver or sometimes with other alloys. Do not feel surprised to know that sometimes you will find the tea is served in a gold plated glass. Mostly the Russian tea is very strong in taste and aroma. Russian people believe that the strength of the tea symbolizes the good hospitality of the host. In Russian tea culture drinking tea is a traditional event to perform with whole family. The tea is usually served after heavy meal along with snacks, such as tea cookies, jams, tea cakes and pastries etc. The traditional Russian black tea culture involves loose leaf black tea instead of tea bags.

Tea culture of Slovakia:

The tea culture Slovakia is also different not as popular as other countries of Eastern Europe. In Slovakia there are various tea rooms that have become popular in lots of mid-sized towns. What makes Slovakia tea room popular among people? The whole environment surrounding these tea rooms is the main popularity trick. There will be sweet and pleasant music for patrons in famous Slovakia tea room.